Friday, 14 June 2013

News - The House of Peroni / La Strada

I was commissioned by M&C Saatchi for The House of Peroni to represent a scene of an Italian movie of my choice with a series of fashion style portraits.The scene I represented is inspired by "La strada", by Federico Fellini.

The full series of pictures is on-line at The House of Peroni.

News - The House of Peroni / Interview

I was recently interviewed for The House of Peroni, a month-long celebration of Italian creative arts. The interview is now on-line here.

Friday, 7 June 2013

News - The House of Peroni

My pictures of Dominic Sebag Montefiore, a famous Italian tailor in London, are now on-line. They are part of The House of Peroni, an event developed by M&C Saatchi, London, which has been conceived to celebrate the new wave of contemporary Italian culture. The pictures will be part of an exhibition starting on July 3rd at 41 Portland Place, London.

Click here to see all the pictures. 

Saturday, 1 June 2013

News - The Other Hundred

Some pictures of my project Rom - Denied integration have been selected to be part of    
The Other Hundred:

"The implication of many of the rich lists and articles put out by the media is that being rich is the only way to succeed or live a life of meaning. We would like to show that not being rich is both normal and nothing to be ashamed of. The fact that 80% of the world lives on less than US$10 dollars a day does not stop most of them from living rich, full lives."

To see the full project on my web-site click here.