Behind the scene - The first spectators (From the set of Diaz - don't clean up this blood)

Last summer I was working as a still photographer for Diaz-Don’t clean up this blood, a movie about the raid the police did in the Diaz school during the 2002 G8 in Genoa. Most of it was filmed in Romania, Bucharest. The set  was a reconstruction of via Cesare Battisti in Genoa, where the Diaz school was located, and it was about 600m long by 300m wide. I was on one corner of it, walking backward  towards the long side and trying to capture the most of the set in my photographs. I was stopped by the wooden wall behind me which delimitated the set. Suddenly I heard some movement behind the wall, just next to me. There was a long thin fissure filled with small eyes, eight of them, all looking at me.  As soon as I pointed the camera toward them they all disappeared to pop up again after a few seconds. We started this kind of game where I would rise my camera and they would hide. All of a sudden they all decided to stick in the frame, the game was over and they were willing to be photographed. I found out later that those were the eyes of a Romani family living next to the set, they were watching all the actions from behind this wall and nobody had noticed them for all the time. Those were also the eyes of the first spectators of the movie.