Behind the scene - Sleepers (from the set of Diaz - don't clean up this blood)

Diaz don’t clean up this blood is going to hit on cinemas soon.
Being the still photographer of it has been a great experience.  
There were thousands of extras, often few hundreds in the same night.  All the big scenes were filmed at night, we would start around 6pm and finish at 5am. There was an incredible amount of action and everything was frantic when the police was irrupting into the Diaz school. As soon as the ciak was released hundreds of policemen where moving and pushing, breaking doors and smashing windows. But a long time runs between two actions, and the hundreds of extras acting  where tired as they had been working before coming to the set. Many of them wouldn't do it for the money but to be part of a big movie, to feel the thrill of it. All their energies would go flat during the pause and they would be sleeping everywhere: on the sidewalks, on chairs, on the floor.

The extra pictured below was the greatest of all.
He’d been pushed out of the school to the ambulance through hundreds of people: policemen, ambulances, journalist, and yelling protesters. As soon as the action was over and the crowd dissipating everyone would relax, lighting a cigarette and gathering with friends. He was left on one side, covered in blood, on his stretcher. not even the slightest movement. Then we all realized he was sleeping.