News - London Olympics 2012

I haven't been inside the main venues where the Olympics took place but I have been photographing many situations related to the event. I went to see the arrival of the Torch in London passing through Hackney, where only one year ago there was the riot. And I found an incredible atmosphere, a very beautiful parade. For the opening ceremony I went to the BT Live Event in Victoria Park, very close to the Olympic Stadium. There was a 70 square metres screen and about 20.000 people with their eyes stuck on it. Then I went to check what was happening in South Bank, one of the main touristic spots of London. For the 200 metres final I went to the Jamaican House at the O2 Arena, what a great place to watch it: Bolt, Blake and Weir.  - ONE, TWO, THREE! - all the Jamaicans were screaming lifting up the  three fingers on their hand. Then I couldn't miss the Italian House where I went on the last day.

Hackney - Arrival of the Olympic Torch

Victoria Park - Opening ceremony

Southbank and Potters Fields Park

O2 Arena, Jamaican House: 200 meters final

The Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre - Casa Italia