Photography workshops

In June I have the pleasure to teach two photography workshops at the DiaframmiChiusi photography festival.

Photography workshop:    Tuscany Photography Day
Date:                                 June 1st to June 3rd

From June 1st to June 3rd I will be teaching the Tuscany Photography Day, which is mainly on the field. A mix of landscape and street photography taking advantage of the beautiful locations we have around the area. We will also spend half day visiting and talking about a couple of selected exhibitions shown at the festival.

Photography workshop:    In search of light
Date:                                 June 4th

On June 4th I will teach a second workshop called In search of light. This is a one-day workshop and I will teach how to find the perfect light in any situation. The camera doesn't see like the human eye, so we will figure out how the camera sees.

Hope to see you there!